November 29, 2011

Get inspired

Hi friends, long time no see!

I want to share something which made me inspired.
One day, I read Kompas newspaper about people's history. At that time, the newspaper told about an Indonesian woman who lived in Singapore named Merry Riana.
She struggled her life from nothing and changed it into something that inspired many people.
She had nothing when her father decided to send her to Singapore to study and then she got her one million dollar in her 26 age!
The newspaper didn't tell the detail of it, so I was curious to know.

In this month, when I was in a bookstore, I looked at her book : Mimpi sejuta dollar. Of course I decided to buy it. The book is so amazing, you can find her blog at

April 29, 2010

Welcome to the world, my nephew!

The precious moment is coming!

My nephew has been born : Christopher Alden Sulistyo, weight 4.065 kg, tall 52 cm on April 27 at 11.43 pm. Thanks for all the prayer and support.

Anne was so excited with her new brother :)

When I see his first picture that taken by hospital, I concluded that he looks like Anne.
This is Alden's first picture :

This is Anne's first picture :

Do you agree with me? :)

February 23, 2010

Celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine Together

Hi friends ..

I think this month is a special and sweet month, because we celebrate chinese new year and valentine's day in one day. Right? Do you agree with me? :)
I received the card above as my birthday card actually, but I like to post it now. My cute niece, Anne, gave that card to me and it melt my heart at that moment ...
And in valentine's day Anne also gave me a chocolate gift and also asked her mom to write a letter below :) Yeah, I didn't meet her for a long time after we spent our holiday together in Solo. And she told me to always keep this letter so I remembered that she missed me so much .. She is really cute, right? Hmm I said I love her and hug her ...

We have a tradition to have dinner with family in the night before chinese new year. So we did it in my bro's house. We also played fireworks in that night .. oooo so cool!!! In chinese new year we always celebrate it in my auntie's home. Tadaa ... here's the pictures with their family :

I'm happy to see my cousins and my aunt's family. Gong Xi Fa Chai and Happy Valentine's day!

January 17, 2010

New Year, New Spirit, New Hope and New Dreams

Inspired by my friends, I have a dream to buy a home someday and have my own online business. Please pray for me to achieve all my dreams and also I asked God to give new spirits for me that push me to do the next step and always refresh my willingness.

Do you have your own dreams? Tell me, tell me .....

December 31, 2009

Happy Month

Hi, see you again in my Butterfly .....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
I hope in 2010 everything will be better than 2009 and I could fulfill my dreams.

I call December with Happy Month because in this month usually I spends my holiday in my hometown : celebrates my niece's bday, having a christmas mass with my family, etc. And in this December there's family gathering event because my grandma's sister came from Hongkong. The point is to spend the time together with my family.

Here's my Hello Kitty's birthday cupcakes gift for my niece, Anne.
I bought it from my friend, Shinta. You can check her blog at Thanks, SHinta! Your cupcake is so beautiful and made my niece happy :)

Anne was so excited when visited her grandpa's chicken farm. She tried to catch one of the chicken but she couldn't .. Her dad and her grandpa tried to help her and voilaaa .... it worked!

Anne's birthday party. She is cute, right? With her beautiful orange dress and little crown.

Singing in the stage with her cousins with circle of flowers in her head : my mom's hand made.

When we said to Anne : Anne, pose! So she's ready with her position :P

Family gathering that usually held once a month. This family gathering was special because my grandma's sister came from Hongkong.

We spent new year eve with family dinner at home and we created a theme for that : Batik dress code!

We spent some days of our holiday in Yogya. Since we stayed at Sheraton Hotel, so everyday we filled it with swimming!! And I made it complete with sauna.

@ House of Rajminten, a resturant with a unique waitress dress :
The menu were so special, like my coconut drink :D The biggest glass of coconut that I'd ever drunk!!

@ Sheraton Hotel, Yogya :

@ Parangtritis Beach :
If you still remember what I'd written at my blog in November about the beach; that I was upset because my plan to Belitung was failed, so for I got Parangtritis for the substitute :) Thank God ...

Karaoke @ Inul Vizta, Solo :

and last but not least .. don't forget to visit Solo for culinary and shopping!
Will you? :)
See youuuuu .. Have a great day!

November 30, 2009

November Rain

See you again in this November Rain. Everyday after office hours always rain here, in Jakarta.
I planned to go to Belitung actually on November 27-29, but unfortunately I have to cancel it because the conditions were not too good. Rain, earthquake .. my friends were afraid that we couldn't enjoy our beach trip there. Hmm I'm little upset because of this, I really love beach and curious to see Belitung; which people said that it's the one of 10 places that must visited before we died. But it's ok, may be we could reschedule for the next time. I hope.

These pictures below were our lunch for celebrating my boss' birthday. Hmm not celebrating actually because my boss never come to these events .. so what we called for it? :P

Next month I will see you again with pictures from my hometown. Ho ho ho ..... :P
See you!
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